The art of timeless and memorable interior design is being able to work with various design trends to complement each client’s personal reflection of their lifestyle. The Casabianca Collezioni design team strongly believe that in order to create a successfully balanced interior, one should always have a grounding palette of neutrals and once established, you can embark on the layering of beautiful textures, fabrics and objet that marry the interiors together proportionally.

Waterfall Country Estate

This home is a pure representation of a contemporary model married together by the minimalistic beauty of ingenious, articulated architectural design and the union of the impressively assembled indigenous garden that homes the area’s far-reaching birdlife.

The interiors embody subtle colour tones and carefully selected, attention detailed furniture pieces which mimic the appreciation of a minimalistic, liveable lifestyle the clients possess.

Thornhill Country Estate

(Still undergoing renovation)

Built in the late 1800’s, this was one of the original houses in Modderfontein. Accommodating the dynamite factory construction workers, each home was built to mimic the heritage of their European background.

In keeping with its legacy, the owners have to follow strict procedures to try and keep the authentic value of the original house as this is one of the oldest standing houses in Thornhill Estate. With a colonial feel being brought to life and the introduction of exquisite details, this home is one to look out for.