Casabianca supplies a100% mulberry silk-filled duvet and pillow inner range which contain only all-natural fibres with no chemicals or dyes. Silk, like Egyptian cotton, keeps one warm in winter and cool in summer. It nestles luxuriously around the body preventing any drafts common to thicker duvets resulting in absolute comfort throughout the night.

Duvets and pillow inners comprise of raw silk layered with either cotton or 100% silk casings.

King and standard pillows in 100% silk or 50% silk 50% rayon

Benefits of silk

  • Silk is a 100% natural fibre which contains similar amino acids contained in the human body. Amino acids aid in the absorption of moisture into the skin and healing process.
  • Silk is hypoallergenic and ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers as its protein structure is impermeable to dust mites.
  • Silk is proven to have anti-oxidants, which is said to reduce the process of aging skin.
  • Silk is usually a fraction of the weight compared to that of a down or wool duvet. The lightness therefore decreases discomfort felt by individuals suffering from arthritis or joint pain.
  • Silk is self cleansing and can be hung out in the sun when in need of cleaning
  • Silk is ideal for children
  • Silk, like Egyptian cotton, is one of nature’s strongest fibres. Because of this, silk is extremely durable and good quality silk products, if cared for properly, will last many years.